My name is Alan Horsager. I'm a scientist and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. I've founded two life science startups (Episona and Eos Neuroscience) and worked with two others (Second Sight and VivoMetrics).

Academically, I held a visiting appointment at the University of Southern California as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology. My B.A. is in Psychology and my Ph.D. is in Neuroscience.

You can find a copy of my resume here, a list of my scientific publications here, and a list of my US patents here.

I'm also admittedly distractible. During the write up of my Ph.D. thesis, for example, I started making homemade lenses for a large format camera. Maybe it's a balance thing. You can see the results of these distractions in my photography and woodwork. If you'd be interesting in talking to me, you can reach me here.