Selected photographs taken between 1994 and 2013. The photos were created using a variety of different techniques and formats (e.g., film, digital, large format, custom designed lenses, and found-image composites).
A pretty, blond woman in a red evening dress walking up stairs with an older man after a show on a cruise ship.Young flamenco dancers sitting and talking outside a club in Granada, Spain.A sky filled with bright, neon street signs written in Chinese in Kowloon in Hong Kong at night. An older man and woman walking arm-in-arm out through a parking lot in Glendale, California. Significant detail on the wall for a dark photo and the couple are silhouetted from the light coming through the garage ramp. Composite photography image by Alan Horsager of a rangefinder camera using dozens of found images through a Google searchA silhouetted photograph of 3 young boys playing basketball on a court on a mountain side with a torn basketball net on the hoop.A black and white photo of 5 school children standing outside a bookstore in Buenos Aires. A girl is hugging a boy that is looking straight at the camera.A silhouetted woman in a flowing dress walking down a tunnel in Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartegena, Colombia.Street photography of a young man walking down a cold, snowy a path with pigeons in Bastille in Paris, France.Night photography of a creepy man in a trench coat and hat walking down a busy city street at night in Pontocho in Kyoto, JapanNight photography of a man reading a newspaper at an open-air meat night market in Hong Kong, China.Night photography of a girl sitting along at the bar of an empty restaurant, text on her phone, in Charleston, South Carolina.Travel photography of a man standing in a doorway of a corner store at night in Cartagena, Colombia.A young woman in a green and blue dress walking up stairs of a stairwell in the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, Germany.Night photography of a empty parking attendant booth in front of a church with a cross in Charleston,South Carolina.A young monk having his head shaved with a double-edged safety razor in Chiang Mai, Thailand.A black and white photograph portrait of an elephant.Composite photography image by Alan Horsager of the Bradbury Building wrought iron stairs using dozens of found images through a Google searchA black and white photograph of the old hotel manager / proprietor of a quaint hotel in Cordoba, SpainA man in a white baseball cap walking passed a very weathered wood building with a tin roof in Frederiksted, St. CroixThe dirty floor and cutting board table of a meat market where the cuts are prepared at a night market in Hong Kong, China.A mysterious man in a mustard yellow overcoat and hat walking to the stairs in Union Station in Los Angeles, CaliforniaA man with a backpack walking over an overpass bridge that crosses the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California.An older Mexican woman with very strong legs, standing near a wall with bag and walking stick after collecting coffee beans in the mountains in Huatulco, Mexico.A Chinese woman taking off her rubber gloves after working in a night market in Hong Kong, China. Composite photography image by Alan Horsager of a neon sign that says, "Eat" using dozens of found images through a Google searchComposite photography image by Alan Horsager of a jazz trumpet player using dozens of found images through a Google search